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Do you seek ‘grounding’ for yourself and your children?

Do you wish for a deeper understanding, connection, and relationship to self, and the world around you?

Would you like  to know and trust your own inner wisdom on a deeper level?

Art of Spirit’s Earth School, a non-profit educational organization, is a mindful, integrative, self discovery of the natural world, presenting children and adults with the opportunity to discover  and embrace their own inner nature.  Give your child or yourself, the gift of connection to self through nature.


Earth School Programs

Through a mindful approach and a sense of self-discovery, Art of Spirit’s Earth School exists in a beautifully balanced space between ‘doing’ and ‘being’, which not only speaks to one’s  mind, but  to the heart and soul as well.

This deep, integrative experience allows  children and adults to tune in, recognize, and embrace, their own inner nature. Given the gift of ‘time’, we  invite and promote a deep,  ‘wonder- filled’ exploration and a personal comfort in the natural world, which we call home.

Our programs are a blend of the physical and metaphysical aspects of the natural world and thus include spiritual teachings (not religion) earth studies, art, and energy work. We work with singing bowls, meditation, tadpoles, forests, streams, and silence.

Earth School inspires forming relationships with nature, each other, and most importantly, with one’s self. We learn about the elemental and animal teachings by participating in specifically themed activities and explorations. As we  wander and wonder, we let go of time, inviting in a healing wisdom. Experiences are processed through creative, integrated art projects.

Earth School can be experienced through our summer camp, educator programs,  home school, weekend  programs for both children and adults.

Programs are facilitated by Earth School founder and Director, Patricia Walsh-Collins and assisted by other experienced and dedicated educators.

We are primarily located at the Bucks County Audubon, in Solebury PA. , but are growing in other satellite locations, such as Lake Nockamixon, Ralph Stover, and Tyler State Parks.

 Please consider a year end, tax-deductible gift to Earth School.                                                     2019 has brought us growth and delight, in serving more children,

and their teachers!

Highlights from 2019:

Summer Camp– 60 different children registered for over 77 sessions of summer camp.

Teacher Workshops – hosted two Earth School Teacher Workshops with teachers and administrators attending from both public and private schools, …teaching all ages, all disciplines.

Scholarships– ES was able to offer partial scholarships to seven Earth School summer camp registrants.

Staff– added facilitators and interns

Outreach – Earth School presented at the ‘Next Wave’ Conference sponsored by the Collaboration for Spirituality in Education of Columbia University NYC.

  • NPR interview with Robin Young of ‘Here and Now’, to be aired in a weeklong series on Spirituality in Education in 2020!
  • ES participated in several regional environmental and family festival events.

Marketingredesigned/printed business cards, brochures, posters & t- shirts

Earth School is expanding, but we need your help!

We work in small groups, offering a deep, intimate experience in the natural world.
In truth, this model is extremely effective, although, not always financially viable.
Funds are needed to:
  • Offer more ES summer camp scholarships to children in need.
  • Pay facilitators and property rentals
  • Prepare content, marketing materials, and promotion of programs, particularly expanded Professional Development for Educators.
  • Update and maintain website
  • Research and write grant applications
  • Apply and prepare for conference presentations

Please make a tax deductible donation to Earth School!

To pay online – use the ‘Pay Online’ tab . fill name, address etc, donation amount,

-In the Special Notes section, earmark as a Donation.

To send a check – Make check payable to Earth School Inc.

-memo as donation

-mail to: PO Box 31, Point Pleasant, PA. 18950

Thank you for your donation of love to Earth School

School Holiday Workshops!

Step out of the classroom and into the best school on Earth…..the Earth herself!

Most schools have a day off on Sept. 30th and Oct. 9th.

We have a great outdoor alternative…a full day on the land!

Give your children the gift of their childhood by spending unhurried time in Nature. Let them get to know themselves through knowing the natural world. .

Who -Children age 7-12yrs.

Cost – $55/ day or $100 /2days

Where -Sept. 30 @Ralph Stover State Park, PA ,  6011 State Park Rd, Pipersville, PA 18947.        

Oct. 9 @ Tyler State Park, 101 Swamp Rd, Newtown, PA 18940

Pre-registration required by Sept. 16th

We prefer a check made out and mailed to:

Earth School Inc. PO Box 31, Point Pleasant, Pa. 18950

Online registration is also available for you convenience… simply write in which workshop and amount.

For more information contact Patricia at:


Teachers, Save the Date!!

Earth School for Teachers Workshops!

 Tues. Oct. 15, 9-3pm

Earth School for Teachers Workshop    offers teachers and administrators (of all levels and disciplines), an opportunity for renewal and growth of their educational philosophies and methods. This nature-based workshop is not simply a walk in the woods, but rather an opportunity for exploration, discovery, and networking through experiencing and discussing the Earth School practices and activities.

Earth School is a non-profit educational organization offering mindful, integrative, educational experiences for both children and adults through nature. We offer summer camp, home school, family,  and educational professional development programs. At Earth School, time is relaxed, as children work with singing bowls, meditation, tadpoles, streams, trees, silence, and much more. Many of these experiences are processed through integrative art projects, thus teaching to the mind, body, and spirit of each child.

During these times of social, political, and climatic change, Earth School offers a grounded connection to one’s inner self and all beings. Earth School for Teachers Workshop offers this unique synthesis of activities and practices providing educators with new pathways and modalities for teaching the whole child.

The holistic education offered through Earth School nurtures the cognitive, emotional, and intuitive intelligences. Earth School is a conduit to the natural and higher teachings of Mother Earth.

As a participant in the Earth School for Teachers Workshop, educators will learn specific mindful practices, activities, and integrative art projects. Because Earth School serves as a lens through which to expand the vision of your own teaching and affect change. Our activities and practices are relevant to both rural and urban settings. Specific modifications will be discussed. The workshop closes with an opportunity to share experiences and insights as you network with other participating educators about the Earth School experience.

Earth School transforms the challenges of today into the opportuities of tomorrow!

What – professional development for educators

When – Tues. Oct. 15, 9-3pm

Where – Bucks County Audubon, 2877 Creamery Rd. New Hope, PA 18938

Cost – $145 ( lunch and snack is provided)

Pre-registration required 

We prefer a check made out and mailed to:

Earth School Inc. PO Box 31, Point Pleasant, Pa. 18950

Online registration is also available for you convenience… simply write in which workshop and amount.

For more information contact Patricia at:

     Mamma’s Workshop!

Mamma, you know you are the center of your family’s universe! You also know that if you are not centered and grounded, neither will your family be.

During these tumultuous times of change, it is wise to employ the ‘oxygen mask’ rule… yourself first in order to secure the health and well-being of others, your family.

Earth School Mamma’s Workshop is specifically for you. Drop the kids at school, then come spend a few unplugged hours on the land. This is a chance to slow down and touch the Earth , and let her touch you, your heart. Give yourself what you want for your family.

Who – Mammas or family caregivers

When – Oct. 16, 23, 30 & Nov.6, 10 -2pm

Where – Bucks County Audubon Society, 2877 Creamery Rd. New Hope, PA 18938

Cost – 1day/$45, 2/$85, 3/$125, 4/$160

Pre-registration required 

We prefer a check made out and mailed to:

Earth School Inc. PO Box 31, Point Pleasant, Pa. 18950

Online registration is also available for you convenience… simply write in which workshop and amount.

For more information contact Patricia at:

Forest Family Workshop!

Here’s a great opportunity to return to the land with your whole family!

Together you will explore and create sacred spaces within the forest or streams.

Who – Immediate family                                                                                                                                           –

When – Sundays, Oct. 20, or 27, 10-2pm

Where – Bucks County Audubon, 2877 Creamery Rd. New Hope, PA 18938

Cost – $60 for entire family

Pre-registration required 

We prefer a check made out and mailed to:

Earth School Inc. PO Box 31, Point Pleasant, Pa. 18950

Online registration is also available for you convenience… simply write in which workshop and amount.

For more information contact Patricia at:

 Home School Program 

Consistently offered  throughout the school year.We experience differing aspects of the natural world throughout the seasons, and are excited to customized a program for your group. Our sessions are thematically centered around the  Earth’s elements. Each day involves, meditation,  hands-on experiences in nature , and integrated art and/or creative writing projects. Your child may come for a single day, or a discounted session of three days.

What – most benefits are derived from day-long, 10-3pm, session, but open to customize

Who -Children 7-12yrs.

Where – Bucks County Audubon, 5228 Creamery Rd. New Hope, PA 18938

All other details will be determined by customized program.

One thing is for certain,…Come prepared. We will always go outside!

Pre-registration required 

We prefer a check made out and mailed to:

Earth School Inc. PO Box 31, Point Pleasant, Pa. 18950

Online registration is also available for you convenience… simply write in which workshop and amount.

For more information contact Patricia at:


The Earth is our greatest teacher, throughout the entire year!

We are also very happy to create customized group programs for your scout, church, or social group….either child or adult, or both! Find a group of 4-5 people and have an ES party!!

Please keep us in mind when you are planning!

And please keep us in mind for your charitable donations. Earth School is a 501c(3) non-profit educational organization. The key to our uniquely, effective programming, is that we keep our numbers small so that each person has an intimate experience in Nature, nurturing a life long, living relationship with the Earth and all beings. The conundrum is that our small group numbers, barely cover the cost of location rentals and paid facilitators,….not to mention all the behind the scenes administrative work. If you can ‘feel’ the importance of this work, of returning our children to the Earth, please help to support our efforts with a tax-deductible donation. We thank you, the children will thank you and most of all, our Mother Earth will thank you!



My name is Patricia Walsh-Collins. I am the founder and director of Earth School .  As a certified professional art educator, I have taught for over twenty five years. Seventeen  of those years were spent teaching Visual Arts and World Religions at Buckingham Friends School in Lahaska, PA.  I love curriculum integration, and have developed numerous curriculums,  presenting them at state, national and international education conferences. Last summer, I was honored to be invited to present Earth School at an environmental conference in Italy. This November we will be presenting our Earth School program at the Collaboration for Spirituality in Education’s ‘Next Wave Conference’ at Columbia University in NYC. These are our people, and we are very excited to present!

I have developed and taught numerous camps, including the Michener Art Museum, Montessori Development Center, Bucks County Community College, and Children’s Art Studio. I recieved my Mindfulness training from Mindful Schools of Emeryville Ca.

Taking  a leap of faith, I became an ‘educational entrepreneur’, by founding Earth School Inc., a non-profit educational organization. I also founded and own Art of Spirit Inc., which serves as an ‘umbrella’ organization for education through the arts and trade. I have created five Holiday pop-up stores featuring traditional arts from native cultures, as well as local arts and crafts.

I feel blessed to have recieved many teachings through international travel, relationships, and personal development. I believe these teachings are meant to be shared and do so through Earth School, as well as my monthly newspaper column called, ‘Shared Teachings’ in the Bucks County Herald…(book comng soon!) I also love public speaking and am happy to speak about Earth School anytime, anywhere. In my precious down moments, I embrace any opportunity to spend time with my two grown chilidren, (they are the best!) Making art is a huge part of who I am, as well as spending personal time among the trees, waters, and birds, either here at home, or somewhere out in the world!

Peter Pearson is Earth School’s co-facilitator. He has a long and influential career in education. Having taught sixth grade, wood shop, and creating the Summer Arts Camp at Buckingham Friends School in Lahaska, PA, he then became Head of School for many years. He is one of my great mentors and my former boss.  After working in Administration at Solebury School, in New Hope, Peter served as Head of School at Westfield Friends School in Cinnaminson, NJ.

Peter is an artist as well. For the past forty years, he has created beautiful stained glass windows, panels, boxes and candle boxes. He also loves to  hike, camp, and work with wood.  He is a much valued member of the  Earth School family and every community he has ever been a part of.

Other Earth School instructors are experienced, dedicated educators and experts in their fields.



Earth School summer camp and many of our workshops are located at Bucks County Audubon,2877 Creamery Road, Solebury, PA. We are so grateful for this beautiful place!

At the same time, we are branching out with satellite locations at Ralph Stover, Nocamixon, and Tyler State Parks.

Locations of specific workshops are listed with other info on home page.


How Much?

How Much

Summer Camp @ Audubon, 2019 costs:

$335/session  ($15 discount for any two sessions)

You may choose as many sessions as you wish, enrolling in consecutive or non-consecutive weeks

  • 50% of total registration amount is due at time of registration (non-refundable).
  • Full payment is due June 1st, 2019
  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. ( we intentionally keep our group sizes small for a deeper experience) 

Scholarships available- due to a generous supporter of Earth School, we now are able to offer financial  assistance through scholarships. Please inquire with Patricia if interested

Other workshop costs are listed under specific workshops on home page.

Pre-registration Required.

We prefer, a check made out and mailed to:

Earth School Inc, (specific program in memo)

PO Box 31,  Point Pleasant, PA 18950

Online payment is also available for your convenience as well.

Please contact Patricia with any questions 



What is needed to bring? (specific to summer camp and home school programs)
•    Mud boots
•    Shoes ( not sandals)
•    Raincoat
•    Hat
•    One change of clothes (depending on program)
•    Lunch and snack
•    Water Bottle
•    Back pack ( small day pack)
•    Sunscreen

  • What is not needed
    •    Hand sanitizer – these chemicals are deadly to many plants and animals (we will wash hands as needed with soap and water)
    •    Technology (Cell phones will stay at the visitors center when we are out on the land. Camp facilitators will carry cell phones with them.)
  • Earth School encourages the use of reusable water and food containers.                                                                                                                                    Please no plastic water bottles. It starts with us……

This list is applicable to most of our ES offerings, but a specific list, via email will be sent to participants prior to workshop.

Drop-off and pick-up need to be prompt for the good of the group.
If your child is going to be late or absent, please call (267-454-4491) after 7:30 a.m.


Extended Care for summer camp is available daily from 3pm – 4pm for $15

Camp Refund Policy – Earth School will issue a full refund, minus a $30 service fee if registrant cancels within 30 days of start of camp session.

Registrant’s cancellation after 30 day period, is non-refundable.

Other Workshops Refund Policy- Earth School will issue a full refund, minus $20 service fee if registrant cancels within 10 days of specific workshop. Registrant’s cancellation after 10 day period, is non-refundable.

If Earth School cancels session or workshop, a full refund will be issued.

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To register your child(ren) for Earth School, please download the registration form, complete it and mail it to the address provided on the form.  Registration form and online payment are available at pay online.